Miller Relief Step

  • 2680

Miller Relief Step. Part Number 9099X

The Miller Relief StepSafety Device alleviates the

effects of orthostatic intolerance, also known as

suspension trauma. If a fall occurs, a person becomes

suspended in a harness and remains both vertical and

sedentary for a period of time, causing blood to ‘pool’ in

the veins of the legs. Subsequently, blood flow is

restricted to the brain and other major organs that may

initially result in unconsciousness. If not rescued

promptly, serious injury or death may occur. The Miller

Relief Step is designed to provide a short-term solution

in preventing suspension trauma.

• OSHA states that potentially fatal suspension

trauma can occur within minutes while waiting for

rescue after a fall

• Average fall rescue time is 15 minutes

• When used, the Relief Step Safety Device provides

support and enhances blood circulation until rescue

– permitting the ability to move and flex leg muscles

• Small and lightweight; the Relief Step Safety Device

attaches to any brand full-body harness

• Utilizing two (2) Relief Steps (one for each leg/foot)

assures greater comfort until rescue is completed


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